Travel and Tours

So, the South Asian countries are on the list of countries you're going to this year, is it? Beautiful ! More beautiful is your idea of choosing ConnectW to plan for your trip. Let's now take the first step of the journey. ConnectW offers a wide range of travel options for you to choose from. When it comes to fare, we offer the best and lowest (reasonable sounds not close to lowest) fare you'd ever find. People select ConnectW for a hassle-free travel.

Business Advice

The age has changed the way we do businesses. Technologies and competition have transformed business to a very new definition. In this challenging time, a well-tailored business advice makes a huge difference. ConnectW provides business advice to all prospective business starters and ongoing business people. No one understands the value of time and money like we do at ConnectW.

Financial Planning

Professional and certified Financial Planners at ConnectW help our clients make better decisions on how to manage, grow, protect and ultimately spend their money. To keep you in a constant track, we also review your plans as our lifestyle is always prone to changes.

Taxation & Accounting

Taxation and Accounting works is another forte of ConnectW. We don't say that, our customers do. We specialise in providing professional tax and accounting services to individuals and businesses alike. We have a dedicated team of professional accountants and tax advisers who work with you personally to ensure your compliance matters are handled efficiently, accurately and on time. And, with care and confidentially.

IT Support

How you manage your IT world is how your business speaks to the world. ConnectW prides of itself in developing and serving the cutting-edge IT solutions to meet the need of your business with service par excellence.